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A one-click clothes shop features interactive fashion films where you can click on pop-up credits and be directed straight to the designer's site to purchase instantly the clothes and make-up seen on screen. It is not an e-tail site, more like a clever, interactive, moving glossy magazine shoot.


Inside the mind of a composer is a video content site that attempts to get inside the creative process of people working in London today. They have just uploaded a short film with Daniel Pemberton, an Ivor Novello-winning and multi-Bafta-nominated composer whom they consider to be a national treasure.


Make a tree lamp

With summer on its way, why not try to bring a bit of the outdoors inside? This clever gallery explains how to make a lamp out of the branch of a tree. In 15 simple steps, the process is explained. Not only do you get a design piece on the cheap, but you'll impress your friends – and yourself – along the way.


How shop layouts make us fat

Supermarkets may be planned to make us buy as much as possible – but are they planned to make us fat, too? Sarah Rich, founder of the Foodprint Project, thinks so. She argues that governments might be better off rearranging supermarkets if they really want to tackle obesity.


Zooey's precocious feminism

Aged 17, Zooey Deschanel wrote to Vogue to complain about its unrealistic ideal of female beauty. Now, a blogger has found the letter and posted it on Tumblr – much to Deschanel's delight (she has tweeted about it). Read the young actress's feminist sentiments at:


How to pack like a pro

Going abroad but not sure what to pack? This guide from Esquire magazine offers advice for every occasion. From basics to weather variation to how to put your case together, you'll never be stuck again. And it's all illustrated with a handy gallery, too.


McCain Jr thwacks Glenn Beck

Blond, stylish and young, Meghan McCain often gets written off as a flibbertigibbet. In fact, she's articulate and intelligent – as this open letter to right-wing shock-jock Glenn Beck shows. After he insulted her appearance on his radio show, she asks what legacy he wants to leave his daughters.