Digital Digest: 16/08/2010

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How Do You Know is the first film from Academy Award-winning director James L Brooks since his flop comedy, Spanglish, in 2004. Despite its all-star cast of Reese Witherspoon, Owen Wilson, Paul Rudd and Jack Nicholson, the decidedly unfunny trailer means it is unlikely to be a return to form.Watch it here:


According to a theory being published by Penn State University paleoanthropologist Pat Shipman, animals including dogs, cats and cows played a key role in human evolution. Taking in and employing animals spurred on human tool-making and language, which have both driven humanity’s success. Read about it here:


Elyse Porterfield has just moved to Los Angeles from her small Colorado hometown to pursue her dream of becoming a film star. She is also the woman who hoaxed the internet with her I quit video, and has gone on to become one of the most searched names on Google. CBS have an exclusive interview with her, and fellow hoaxer, John Resig. See it here:


Ecouterre combines fashion coverage with a love for the environment. Packed full of suggestions for recycling and shopping sustainably, it’s a handy go-to if you’re a consumer with a conscience. The latest item to feature is the Dancepants Kinetic mp3 player, powered as you run by a pair hi-tech leggings.


The NME has launched its Music Photography Awards, an opportunity for amateurs and professionals to showcase their work. To mark the occasion, celebrated photographer Jill Furmanovsky has selected some of the great portraits of the rock photography genre: Bob Dylan, Debbie Harry and The Clash.


In the US and Britain, prisons are overcrowded. But what if we could release all the inmates and monitor their movements using electronic tagging? Could it be a more just means of punishment, an effective way to cut crime, and reduce costs? This thought-provoking article in The Atlantic finds out:


Being online is the easiest ways to waste time; not least because you can kid yourself that you are just a couple of clicks away from getting back to work. But what happens when you are doing some serious graft, and want to get back to procrastination? Here are six of the best ways of mindlessly whiling away the day: