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Bringing high fashion to the cyber-space stalking masses is Christopher Bailey, creative director of Burberry fashion label. Visit the company’s Facebook page for the chance to pose your questions, which will then be answered by video by Bailey himself. Plus, there are more galleries of Burberry pictures than you can shake a stick at.


Two of the 1990s biggest bands, Daft Punk and Phoenix, joined forces in Madison Square Gardens last week for a surprise performance Daft Punk’s Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger during the encore of the Phoenix-headlined gig. Make sure you check out this minor moment in music history.


Last month the Huffington Post asked its readers to submit nominations for their 2010 Game Changers - 100 people who change the world. Over three million votes were cast and the top 100 were counted down last week on the website. Now, it’s time for the “ultimate 12” to be revealed. Check them out here:


What are you doing in your Facebook profile picture? Pouting? Posing in the distance? On holiday? Drunk in a bar? Getting married? And does it change every other day? Here, Gawker decodes the hidden meaning behind your profile picture. A word of warning: it won’t be complimentary.


After 23,000 submissions and countless double-clicks, the results are in for the “creative video biennale” organised by YouTube and the Guggenheim Museum. The exhibition, on show at the New York museum, is an attempt to do the impossible: curate the 200 million videos on YouTube. Check out the best:


George Orwell’s diaries are now available as a daily blog. A collaboration between The Orwell Trust and Political Quarterly, the site charts the author's domestic and political life. Whether writing about the Spanish Civil War, geraniums or gin, Orwell’s discerning eye shines out from every entry.


Ever gazed up at the night sky and wondered what it would be like to explore the moon? Well, you can do just that with new website Moon Zoo. NASA has released photos of the moon taken by the Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera in the hope that the public will help map its surface.