Digital Digest: 27/09/2010

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Want to live for ever (well, almost)? Then lay off the fructose. In this piece in the ‘Huffington Post’, osteopath and health activist Dr Joseph Mercola outlines the ultimate anti-aging diet. The good news? Your five-a-day might not be so crucial. The bad? Exercise definitely is.


Every day for the next year, an anonymous graphic designer, the “Downtown Doodler” will document her existence in a series of line drawings. With entries ranging from the mundane (insomnia) to the comic (an accidental trip to the men’s room), the Doodler’s illustrations are witty, poignant and skilful.


‘Empire’ is discussing what makes a great film narrator. There’s the obvious Shakespearean-actor voice (McKellen, Kingsley), distinguished (Neeson), but if the film is American, there’s only one option: Morgan Freeman. Read about why getting the right narrator is so important and then join in the discussion and contribute your own favourite.


The Forbes 400 list of the richest people in America has just been released and it makes for fascinating reading. Predictably, Bill Gates is at number one, with a net worth of $54 billion. More surprising is that Michael Bloomberg, New York mayor and “man of the people”, is placed at number 10 with $18 billion.


With the evenings getting slowly darker and the temperature a bit nippier, transport yourself to sunnier climes with these gorgeous National Geographic photographs, taken in French Polynesia, that have just been published. The South Pacific never looked so beautiful.


In 2008, Aaron Sorkin read a 13-page proposal for a book attempting to detail the birth of Facebook. Two years later, that tale has become one of the hottest properties on the silver screen. Find out how Sorkin brought this incredible story to life here:


The next Mars rover is only about a year away from taking off, and its designers are still deciding where to drop it. The researchers have narrowed down the shortlist of potential locations to four different places. See them here and work out your favourites.