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Foreign Policy has highlighted the ten pundits and politicians whose prognostications for this year completely missed the mark. They include Joe Biden’s prediction that employment was on the rise (America’s unemployment levels are currently at a new high) and European prime ministers repeatedly denying that they will need an EU bailout.


The first trailer has been released for Joe Wright's Hanna, the new action-thriller starring Saoirse Ronan (Atonement,The Lovely Bones) as a highly skilled 14- year-old assassin, trained by her father, played by Eric Bana. The cast includes Cate Blanchett and Olivia Williams, and the music is by the Chemical Brothers.

See it here:


The most expensive bowl of noodles in the world costs £210 from a place called Niu Ba Ba in Taipei, Taiwan. It took the chef 15 years to perfect his recipe, which includes just 120 grams of noodles, five squares of beef, one piece of tendon, and of course, soup. Here, he explains why he charges more than a six-course meal for each bowl.


A 44-year-old woman with a rare form of brain damage can literally feel no fear, according to a case study in Current Biology. Referred to as SM, she suffers from a condition called Urbach-Wiethe disease. The condition is very rare, with fewer than 300 reported cases since it was first described in 1929.


Who went where and with who? And who wore what? Whether it was at one of the year’s glittering parties, glamorous red carpets or summer festivals, Vogue has put together a list of all the best-dressed stars of the year including snaps from the Oscars, Cannes and the Met Ball.


In the past decade, as the US was losing an estimated 2.4 million factory jobs to China, research organisations identified a trend: the factories of South Korea, Taiwan, and China were making their way up the global value chain, from sneakers and T-shirts to electrical goods, computers and even cars.


Do you still struggle with grammar and punctuation? Take a look at this website and never misuse a comma again. There are over 40 tips, including how to use pronouns clearly and hyphens correctly. It also comes with handy exercises: practice makes perfect, after all.