Digital Digest: 28/06/2010

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World Cup

YouTube has embraced the vuvuzela: many of the clips on the site are now enhanced with a "vuvu button", which is shaped like a football and appears at the bottom right of the video (like this Nike Advert), and allows users to watch with the sound of the South African trumpets buzzing in their ears.


If Wimbledon has inspired you to dust off that old racket and try your hand at a spot of tennis, check out the London Tennis website. On their comprehensive database those living in the capital can find hitting partners, join tennis groups and local leagues, and track down your nearest court. Ace?


This week is your last chance to vote for Film London's 'Best of Boroughs' Audience Award, or 'BoBs'. Among the entrants is 'The Tunnel', a documentary about south London's Tunnel comedy club, which in the 1980s gave a start to the likes of Harry Enfield, Vic Reeves and Arthur Smith. Watch it (and its rivals) here.


Michael Hastings, author of the 'Rolling Stone' article that brought about the downfall of General McChrystal last week, responds to McChrystal's sacking with this follow-up article, quoting Obama: "This is a change in personnel, but not a change in policy." That, Hastings writes, is "precisely the problem."


Since the real 'Toy Story 3' is on the way out, this 2007 comic by Tom the Dancing Bug has gone viral. It's 'Toy Story 3 by Cormac McCarthy', a hybrid in comic strip format. You may have to see at least one 'Toy Story' movie and read at least one McCarthy novel to appreciate it.


Publishing powerhouse McSweeney's has a knack for persuading remarkable writers to contribute to its website. For instance, literary theorist Roland Barthes (1915-1980) reviews 'Pac-Man' (, while Nobel-winning novelist William Faulkner (1897-1962) reviews season one of 'Gossip Girl'.

Sean Connery

Sir Sean Connery has been persuaded out of retirement to appear as a voice actor in the low-budget Scottish animation 'Sir Billi Sizzle', as this rather confusing trailer can attest. Connery was won over by the project after his grandchildren loved the DVD he was sent by producers. Aw.