Digital Digest: 29/11/2010

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We all know they are instrumental in making a good record but have you ever wondered what a producer actually does? VBS, Vice magazine's online television network, is running a series called The Producers which follows some big names into the studio. This episode turns the spotlight on Diplo, who has worked with M.I.A., Robyn and Snoop Dogg.


The first president of the United States, George Washington, and the modern-day rapper, Jay-Z, might at first seem like they have very little in common. However, off the back of new biographies of them both, New York Magazine noticed that their stories are more similar than one might expect. An American tale:


Sitting on a high-speed train watching the scenery fly past is a mesmerising experience. Artist Graeme Taylor decided to capture in a short film the bizarre feeling of remaining stationary as the world whizzes by. The film focuses on the moments when the train passes through crowded stations. When slowed down, it seems oddly voyeuristic.


Kanye West, pensioners and chintzy tapestries are things not usually found in the same sentence (let alone the same room). And that's why this video of an old lady reading Kanye West's Tweets from a fireside arm chair is so funny. Never before has a pensionable-age woman advised: " are kind of cool."


There's nothing quite like getting lost in a wonderful bookshop – especially when you are on a wonderful adventure. Here, Lonely Planet rounds up the best bookshops to be found abroad, from San Francisco's City Lights Books, to Berlin's Another Country to our very own Daunt bookshop in London.


When you think of design classics, you think of the Mini, the postbox – maybe even the iPod. But a police van? Not so much. Still, Imprint's James Gaddy thinks we need to open our eyes. On a recent trip to Holland, he clocked the country's bright vans and fell in love with them. Here he explains why they're so arresting (sorry).


It's that time of year – the time to crack open the bottle of whisky and toast the approach of Christmas. But what food should accompany your tipple? Here, Wallpaper offers a host of suggestions, from Glengoyne with venison carpaccio and beetroot salsa, to Hakushu with sashimi and Greenore with smoked salmon.