Digital Digest: 30/05/2011

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The hipster backlash

Hipsters beware, the backlash against Hipstamatic pictures online has begun. The app, which has 4.25 million users despite only launching seven months ago, is known for creating over-filtered images on top of which users can write (achingly pretentious) messages. Now, hipster-phobes have hit back by splashing bubble bursting messages in red over them.


Vegetarian satire

It seems that Americans are indeed immune to irony. This page shows the (hysterical) Facebook comments on articles that have appeared on the satirical website, The Onion. It appears even the headline "Obama makes it through another day without launching all our nuclear weapons," isn't enough to convince people that the site might not be totally serious.


Believe in vampires

In the recent slew of vampire flicks, Digital Digest has seen a number of different human-to-vampire transformations, usually involving foaming at the mouth and convulsing. Upcoming all-girl German vampire film, We Are The Night, went for a very different approach. Watch the beautiful changeover scene here:


New robotic horizons

Tin Lun Lam and his team at The Chinese University of Hong Kong are developing a worm-like robot to assist humans with forestry – or even replace them altogether. Treebot is the first autonomous robot that can tackle climbing a tree that it has never encountered before.


The painter's muse

Richard Phillips has found a new muse: Lindsay Lohan. The painter has broken into a new medium, with a short video of the troubled actress. It debuts next week in "Commercial Break," program of artists' videos compiled by Neville Wakefield for the 54th Venice Biennale. The New York Times has a preview.

Online dating

Romantics make believe

How honest are we really in our online dating profile? At Cloud Girlfriend, not at all. Users create a profile with a fantasy name, photo and profile, and then go on chatroom "dates" with compatible matches (other people's fantasies). Salon's Tracy Clark-Flory tries it out.


Camping grub

Plan to spend half term camping? Time to stock up on pasta salads and chocolate brownies, then. Serious Eats has put together 25 of the best camping recipes, from foods to prep ahead – Confetti Quinoa – to things to make over the fire. Sriracha Burger, anyone? Grilled Pizza Napoletana?