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Gangster's paradise

Those who have fantasies about being in a gangster movie or who simply like to keep a lot of cash around the house, check out this site. It shows how much space $1m takes up. Good to know how much space you'll need when it comes to stashing your ill-gotten gains. We won't ask any questions....


Doggie dangers

For some people, kissing their dog is a loving and tender act. For the rest of us, it is disgusting and unhygienic. According to a new study, from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, we may be right, because it suggests that humans kissing dogs over the centuries may be responsible for the spread of viruses.


The invisible hotel room

The Mirrorcube suite, in the Tree Hotel, is ideal for the extremely privacy-conscious holidaymaker. Set high among the branches in a Swedish forest, 37 miles south of the Arctic Circle, the venue not only offers a remote location, but also a reflective surface which camoflages its very existence.


Where have all the heroes gone?

Some 16 million Americans saw service in the Second World War. This year, the 70th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attacks which drew the US into the war, only 1.5 million of them remain. Here The New York Times explores how our idea of the conflict is changing as the generation that witnessed it dies out.


A final step for man

Nasa's shuttle programme is to be wound down this year and this stunning image, taken from a fish-eye camera attached to the International Space Station, shows an astronaut, Michael Fincke, on a space walk of over seven hours, the last any astronaut is scheduled to carry out from a shuttle.


Holding back the future

Iran's war against the internet shows no sign of abating. Tehran has announced plans to block it and within two years create a "state-censored, fully-internal internet". Its aim: "uphold Islamic moral values". Here, The Wall Street Journal explores the feasibility of the plan and the motives driving it forward.


Leading with a lager

To be a successful politician you have to master the art of the photo opportunity. What you wear, how you stand and even what you choose to drink can be used to communicate a particular image to the electorate. Slate pulls together a gallery of world leaders "relaxing" with a man-of-the-people drink of beer.