Gamers file in to play new releases on a huge array of screens and consoles at E3 / Mark Davis/Getty Images

It's the time of year that the gaming industry shows off its biggest and best games – here's our pic of the most important ones to keep an eye on

The good and the great of gaming have their bags packed; next week is the biggest date on everyone’s calendar: E3 2015. Descending on the Los Angeles Convention Centre, ready to see what the biggest studios in the world are going to bring out – whether it’s more teasers, finally some gameplay or even the odd release date or unexpected announcement.

As rumours fly, promise dates are missed and games are confirmed and denied, here are the 10 best games to look out for during E3 2015.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3

It’s got a release date, we’ve seen the teasers – all we’re expecting at E3 is some gameplay footage and the first few hands-on experiences with the game. We should start to see whether the move back to the black-ops series was a worthwhile one. (Let be honest though as another slick shooty-gun, kill-person game, it'll probably sell a million copies).



The first of Bethesda’s big reveals is a return of the DOOM franchise. Originally styled as DOOM 4, the game hasn’t had the easiest development ride – it was first announced in 2008. We’ve only seen a few teasers so far but E3 is going to be our first good look at the gameplay.


Fallout 4


After their nuclear countdown announcement left us all gasping for more, Bethesda’s most exciting addition to E3 this year will definitely be whatever more we get to learn about Fallout 4. Some reservations have been voiced about the graphics in the first trailer but if Fallout 4 has the talent and brilliance of its predecessors, as well as the changes open-world games have seen in recent years, get ready for something really special.


Halo 5: Guardians


We know all there is to know, it seems, about the upcoming Halo 5: Guardians (some of us even played the multiplayer beta at the end of last year) so E3 probably won’t have any major news but, with Halo being one of Microsoft’s biggest IPs it’s fairly certain we can look forward to more details and footage.



Mass Effect 4

We don’t know much about the upcoming Mass Effect game, except that the story won’t be linked to the last games. They haven’t officially announced anything to happen at E3, but people in the know have been teasing fans on twitter that they should keep an eye out…


Last Guardian


A game first shown at E3 in 2009... but it looks like this could be the year we finally learn new things about our feathered friend.


Star Wars Battlefront


Aw man: Star Wars, lasers, cool. Due out in November, E3 looks like it’ll give us a new trailer and first hands-on experiences.


Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End


This E3 should give us a better insight into what’s set to be the last of Nathan Drake’s outings – originally slated for 2015, the date got moved back to 2016 for development time. If the game ends up looking as good as the trailers, it’ll be worth the wait.


No Man's Sky


No Man’s Sky just looks like something we’ve never played before. It’s gorgeous and huge: I mean, so huge. The procedurally-generated universe theoretically has 18 quintillion planets. Some people better at math than me have even worked out that it would take 500 billion years to visit each planet. Let that sink in.


Rise of the Tomb Raider


It’s been a long while since we first met Lara Croft – next year will be the 20th anniversary. E3 2015 is set to show the world premiere of the Tomb Raider’s latest adventure – searching Siberia for a lost city… we can safely imagine LA’s E3 will be warmer.