Scoot alors! Parisians film themselves catching the train they've just got off


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It's what the GoPro point-of-view camera was made for.

A group of twentysomething Parisians – presumably after a few "I bet I can throw this shoe over a building" conversations in le pub – decided to find out if it was possible to jump off a Metro train and get back on the same train at the next station. The answer? Yes (as long as we trust the editing).

The YouTube upload of the stunt features four cameras documenting one of the group leaving the station at Cluny La Sorbonne, vaulting the barriers, then running over 300m down the busy Boulevard Saint-Germain to jump back on the 10 train at Odéon near the Luxembourg Palace only to meet the the cameraman he'd left behind. Which is very impressive, save for the fact that Paris Metro's route-planner gives the journey time as seven-minutes (though the as-live video shows it taking just over a minute).

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