The 10 Best baby monitors

The days of over-sized walkie-talkies are over. Now new parents can have peace of mind in hi-tech style.

1. Lindam Clarity Audio

This monitor's pager function is great for sleep-deprived new parents who think they might be prone to losing the handset. There are plenty of other great features and there's a strong, clear signal, as well as an alarm if you do happen to wander out of range.

£35, amazon

2. Babyping

This wireless webcam monitor allows you to turn your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into the parent unit, so you can check on your baby from anywhere in the world. The app couldn't be easier to use and the picture quality is sharp. But it does drain your Apple battery quickly.

£104, amazon

3. iBaby

Why stop at checking on your baby from your own home? This wireless webcam monitor lets you talk with your baby regardless of where you are in the world, provided you have an iPhone, iPad, iPod or PC and access to Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G. You can even control the camera's movement remotely.

£102, amazon

4. Tomy Digital TD300

With 10 sound-sensitive lights, you'll be in no danger of failing to realise how urgently your baby needs you even when the volume is off. And when it is turned on, there's no interference. The reception is good, even in large gardens.

£54, amazon

5. Summer Infant Slim and Clear

This sleek-looking baby unit is the lightest on the market, as well as being compact. You'll probably need to use the highest volume setting, but there's a good signal and battery life, as well as a useful belt clip on the parent unit.

£81, amazon

6. Philips Avent SCD525

This has an eco mode that limits the signal range so the monitor uses less electricity. Its impressive battery life will see you through the night and the signal is great even when at the end of the garden, though sound quality can be poor on the lowest volume setting.

£69.99, babymonitorsdirect

7. Tomy TF525

The two-way talkback option on this monitor, which is new on the market, allows you to use your voice to soothe your baby without having to go into the nursery. It also boasts a rechargeable parent unit, room-temperature display and a backlit LCD screen for night-time.

£49, very

8. Motorola Twin Video

Video monitors are all very well if you have one baby to keep an eye on, but where does that leave parents of twins? Motorola has come up with this solution, which has day and night vision, but be warned that the battery life is short and there's no zoom.

£69.99, amazon

9. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature

This all-singing, all-dancing digital monitor boasts a movement-sensor pad, infra-red night-vision camera, a 3in colour screen, room-temperature display on both units and even a baby light that's controllable from the parent unit.

£159.99, mothercare

10. BT digital monitor and pacifier

This baby unit is mains-only and the instructions aren't great, but it has clear sound up to 300 metres away and dreamy sights and sounds to get your little one off to sleep, including a light-show projector and 19 lullabies. You can even play your own music by plugging in your MP3 player.

£69, amazon