The 10 Best back-up kit

Keep your tech safe while you're on the road

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1. Dial combination cable security laptop lock


This is especially useful if you don't have access to a room safe. It has a combination lock that sticks into your laptop's USB port.

2. Zomm wireless leash


Most of us could do with a mum figure on holiday repeating the question: "Have you got your phone?" Failing that you could get this Bluetooth key ring.

3. Powermonkey Explorer charger


This holds enough charge to provide 96 hours of standby on your phone and it juices up in the sun.

4. RazorPit razor blade sharpener


You may not be able to get your razor blades on your world trip, so take one of these back-up sharpeners.

5. SKROSS world travel adaptor


Not sure if you need two pins or three? Bars or prongs? Well this clever travel adaptor has all the bases covered.

6. Lifesaver bottle


In the far-flung corners of the world, a sip of tap water can equal a night on the bathroom floor. Not if you have this, however, which filters out all bacteria.

7. Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation


Charge it at the mains, pop it in your bag and then when your iPad runs out of battery plug it into the USB port for an extra hour.

8. Scientific Monitor


In an unfamiliar country? Not sure how long you should spend in the sun? This device monitors UV levels and your sunscreen factor.

9. Roberts solar DAB radio


Forget about hulking those heavy battery-filled radios to the pool or on that deserted beach to listen to Nick Grimshaw; just take this solar-powered version instead.

10. Option XYFI Wifi Spot


Option XYFI is the world's smallest 3G Wi-Fi hotspot. It enables up to eight simultaneous connections so that users can easily connect their wi-fi devices.