Capture a New Year’s Eve panorama, edit family photos or turn your shots into mini videos with these applications

1. Normalize

69p, iOS

Dubbed the “anti-Instagram” app,  Normalize quickly and easily reverts those tedious hipster pics back into their original form using impressive  filter technology. It also works really well bringing to life actual old photos.

2. Snapseed

Free, Android and iOS

An award-winning app which dramatically improves how your photos look through the use of incredibly advanced digital software. Just a few taps will make those little tweaks and adjustments to transform an average snap into a photo worth framing.

3. Fast Burst Camera

£1.36, Android

For anyone who loves to capture all the action, this “snap now, think later” photo app is a must. Capable of taking up to 30 photos per second, it is ideal for sports, parties, action or simply for those who insist on quantity over quality.

4. Camera Zoom FX

99p, Android

With more than a million downloads, there is no doubt that this is one of the best photo apps available for Android mobiles. There are a host of great features, such as a 6x pinch zoom, super-fast shutter speed and customisation of all hardware buttons. This really does turn your phone into a professional camera.

5. Vapp

Free, iOS

A hands-free camera app that allows you to control the shutter with whatever sound you choose. Great for taking group shots without having to race the timer. You can also select the trigger settings that best suit the situation. Simply say the word and… Vapp!

6. Group Shot for iPhone

69p, iOS

You know when you take a really great photo, but your little brother is pulling a stupid face? Well now you can rub his face out and paste in a better-presented one from an old photo. It could be the future of family photography.

7. Camera+

69p, iOS

Quite simply a better version of the default iPhone camera, the aptly named Camera+ enables you to take more advanced pictures. A few examples of the added functions are varied exposure, advanced shooting modes and a front-facing flash as well as a host of other trendy editing options.

8. Photosynth

Free, iOS

A high-power panorama creation app that enables you to capture all of your party guests on New Year’s Eve. The advanced image stitching means all  of your pics are sharp and seamless, even if you’re a little tipsy when you take them.

9. Cinemagram

Free, iOS

This ingenious app, which is a hybrid of photo and video, allows you to animate small portions of your pics. You start by making a short film, then simply rub your finger over the elements you want to keep moving. The result? Rich, dream-like, moving images that you’ll be experimenting with for hours on end.

10. 360

Free, Android

Similar to Photosynth, but for those of the Android persuasion, this highly praised panorama app from TeliportMe was designed with the intention of allowing users to share their location with others. If you need inspiration, just take a look at the thousands of shots that have been already uploaded.