Whether you want to track Santa's journey around the globe or need tips to cook the dinner, here’s an app to suit...

1. Doodle Jump Christmas Special

iOS & Android, 69p, bit.ly/XljTgI

From Lima Sky, the team behind the incredibly addictive Doodle Jump, comes this special edition to keep the children entertained.

2. Gift Plan

iOS, £1.99, bit.ly/VFXQju

This app helps with jotting down present ideas, putting together a shopping list and it remembers what presents you will buy people for next year, too.

3. Gift Wrapping Instant Expert

iOS, free or 69p, bit.ly/VETNEi

Whether it's just basic wrapping or getting creative with an added bow or ribbon, this app has videos and guides.

4. Epicurious

iOS, Android & Windows Phone, free, epi.us/TZCMbD

Epicurious has thousands of recipes for the most important meal of the year, from the traditional roast turkey to cranberry sauce.

5. NORAD Tracks Santa

iOS, Android & Windows Phone, free, bit.ly/TgyBpw

The North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD) has a team of volunteers – and an app – dedicated to tracking Santa.

6. Moonpig

iOS & Android, free, bit.ly/SVOlOO

It's never too late to send a card to that distant relative. With this app you can send customised cards as late as tomorrow.

7. How the Grinch stole Christmas! Dr Seuss

iOS, Android & Windows Phone, £1.99, bit.ly/Wb9Dsu

This modern update to the classic Christmas tale promises to keep children of all ages enthralled.

8. Amazon Mobile

iOS & Android, free, amzn.to/VFXXLR

Amazon offers last-minute Christmas shopping without having to brave the bustle of the high street.

9. Tesco mobile app

iOS, Android, free, bit.ly/SnLb9L

With your perfect Christmas recipe in hand, order the groceries and ingredients that are needed for the big day's meal.

10. Christmas Radio

iOS & Android, free, bit.ly/ZpalH3

If you're in desperate need of a change to those over-played Christmas CDs, this has dozens of Christmas internet radio stations.