The 10 Best digital radios

Whether you want the Shipping Forecast streamed to every room or access to 1,000 stations, we have the set for you...

1. John Lewis Cyber DAB

£129.95, johnlewis

Taps into your home network and allows you to listen to thousands of stations around the world. If you're without a connection, you can still use the DAB/FM tuner.

2. X Sonos Play 3

£249, amazon

This is actually a wireless speaker which you can hook up to your Wi-Fi and stream music to. But with an addition of a phone app it becomes a fully-fledged radio.

3. Philips Streamium NP3900

£249.95, amazon

The Streamium has great sound given that it's primarily a radio. It has a touch screen for easy navigation but you can also use your smartphone as a remote control.

4. OXX Digital Vantage

£69.99, amazon

Scandinavian design at a cheap price. This retro stunner can stream music from your PC or tune in to more than 15,000 radio stations.

5. Monitor Audio AirStream10

£93.90, superfi

This has a real wood veneer and aluminium casework. It can access more than 15,000 web stations, global music services and every music file on your home network.

6. Q2 Internet Radio

£90, amazon

This will go down well with the younger members of your brood. It has no buttons, you flip the radio to change channels and tilt to adjust the volume.

7. Pure Sensia 200D Connect

£249.99, amazon

The latest from Pure is an all-round music system, which works as a wireless music streamer as well as DAB, FM and internet radio.

8. Revo Heritage

£182, amazon

This handsome radio tunes in to DAB, FM and internet stations. It even has a button that directly takes you to Monocle 24, the new audio service from the magazine.

9. Roberts Revival iStream

£159, amazon

The Roberts Revival iStream might look oldy-worldy but it's super hi-tech. It can run on batteries or through the mains, and comes with a 30-day LastFM trial.

10. Logitech UE Smart Radio

£127, amazon

Logitech's brand new radio can link up to your online music accounts such as Spotify and a rechargeable battery means you can move it around the home with ease.