The 10 Best digital watches

If it's time to buy a new timepiece, take a second look at these funky favourites to make sure you don't miss a beat.

1. Storm MK3 Circuit

The ultimate in "geek chic", this futuristic watch looks like standard-issue uniform on the Starship Enterprise. It's so modern it actually transcends numbers; instead, you tell the time using coloured lights: one row represents hours and the other minutes.


2. Swatch Digi-Lily

A funky digital watch with a swinging Sixties feel to it. Part of the classic Swiss watchmaker's new summer range, it comes in a range of colours and styles, from camo to carbon.


3. Casio A168WG-9EF

It may be a watch but this retro design is timeless. Worn around the world by everyone from hipsters to grandmas, there's no sign of it going out of fashion. Despite its unanimous popularity, it still remains one of the cheapest quality timepieces on the market.


4. Nixon Rubber Re-Run

No one does heavy duty quite like Nixon, the Californian watch brand for action sports aficionados. This classic digital design has a waterproof polyurethane casing which can function at up to 50m underwater, to suit the needs of boarders worldwide.


5. Phosphor Appear

This bling digital watch uses revolving Swarovski crystals to tell the time. Each minute, an electrical pulse sends out an electromagnetic field to change the positions of the crystals, making a unique "ticking" sound as it does so.


6. Adidas Originals Peachtree Chronograph

A sporty take on the old-school digital watch, this sleek timepiece fastens with a rubber strap and has a backlit LCD display. As well as coming in white and black rubber, there is also a smarter version with stylish PVC, gold-plated detailing around the case.


7. Marea Nineteen

A sporty design that encases a watch within a coloured rubber strap, with circular holes around the numbers. A fun and affordable take on an otherwise simple digital watch which comes in a wide range of colours and could easily be worn as a bracelet.


8. Timex Classic Digital

Another cool retro digital model, this one from Timex. The "Classic" range boasts some seriously bright day-glow colours and the Timex reputation means that, although the watch is fairly cheap, you know it will last.


9. Penguin Originals Tony

Breaking away from the usual sporty designs of digital watches, this smart men's watch from Penguin would match a suit well. It has a brown leather strap and a PVC, gold-plated casing around the LCD dial.


10. Paul's Boutique Colour Block

This dazzling watch from West London designer Paul's Boutique fuses the best of hip hop, electro and vintage fashion into this eye-catching piece. It's called colour block for a reason.

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