The 10 Best earphones

With sound quality to compete with heavy-duty headphones, here’s our pick of the finest in-ear buds on the market...
  • @willydean

1. Shure Se315


Shure's reputation comes from its heritage in microphones. It makes great headphones too. These feature optimised bass to improve the low definition sounds of MP3s.

2. Skullcandy Fix


At the (slightly) cheaper end of a pricey gadget sector, Skullcandy earphones fit well with the extreme-sports audience. They offer heavy bass and a hard trebly noise.

3. Philips Earhook


Having to grab hold of a bouncing earbud on a morning run is annoying. Philips' Earhooks are customisable to the shape of your ear and feature comfy silicone caps.

4. Atomic Floyd Superdarts


SuperDarts have had rave reviews, and with good reason. They feature a beautiful stainless-steel remote and noise-isolation. Their USP is two dual speakers in each earphone.

5. Beats Tour


Beats are big in the headphone market but they can compete in-ear too. The Beats Tour feature the bass-heavy sound, so good for hip-hop.

6. Apple EarPods


The EarPods are due to replace Apple's previous terrible earphones. With a distinctive curved look, they improve on bass sound and offer a decent overall performance.

7. Bose SIE2i


Bose is doing well to fend off challenges from Beats et al. Made for exercising, the SIE2i's offer voice control for iPhones along with a sound quality that is deep and rich.

8. SoundMagic E10


Perhaps a new name to UK earphone aficionados, but this Chinese brand's offering has gone down well, with What Hifi calling them your best bet for under £40.

9. Bowers and Wilkins C5


B&W offers another premium in-ear experience with its C5s. They have a distinctive groove and tight silver loop keep them in your ears.

10. Klipsch S4i rugged


The S4is may look like tiny hair-dryers but they're plenty tough enough. Perhaps their key feature is the on-wire remote control.