The 10 Best Fitness Gadgets


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1. Salter Glass Body Fat Analyser


So, you've put on a little festive weight, but how much is actually fat? With these scales you can measure your own "fat content".

2. Speedo Aquabeat 2.0


Jump in the pool and swim along to your favourite songs ("Deeply Dippy" perhaps?) with Speedo's new underwater MP3 player. It floats as well, just in case.

3. Wii Fit Plus Bundle


Get in shape in the comfort of your living room with this fitness bundle for the Wii. The balance board accessory allows for virtual skateboarding and kung-fu.

4. Hotpants


These high-tech hotpants help you lose that cellulate and tone up. They use bio-ceramic material to reflect warmth back at the body for better circulation.

5. K-Swiss Blade Light Jetster


A new innovation for gym shoes is to have blades that bend with the movement of your foot rather than solid rubber soles. These K-Swiss shoes are chunky, but comfy.

6. Garmin Forerunner 610


This is the buddy everyone wants with them on their run. Just give it a tap as you set off and it will track your location, heart rate, calorie burn and pace.

7. Adidas miCoach Pacer Bundle


This pack of fitness goodies tracks your heart rate, jogging pace and distance covered, while the digital fitness instructor gives pointers.

8. Fitness Cube


Don't think you can fit a big old exercise bench in your bedroom? Think again. The Fitness Cube converts from a diddy box into a full bench in minutes.

9. Jaybird Bluetooth Sportband Headphones

From £79.99,

Not only do these headphones come with a lifetime warranty against sweat damage, they can also link with your smartphone.

10. Zumba Fitness Kit


Get in your gym gear, grab hold of the toning sticks and dance away the flab with the Zumba fitness kit. Four DVDs provide Latin dance routines, including salsa.