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The 10 Best landline phones

Dial in style with these home-based handsets, from simple and retro to sleek for the smartphone generation

1. Alessi Cordless DECT Telephone

£132, panik-design.com

This collaboration between Telecom Italia and Alessi combines pared-back elegance with a host of technical functions.

2. Swissvoice ePure

£64.99, laskys.com

Going from icon to iconic, Swissvoice has taken the old 2D logo used on telephone buttons and given it a new dimension, with this fun phone.

3. Retro Scandi

£39.95, ariashop.co.uk

"Elegance for eloquence," claimed Ericsson when it launched the Ericophone in the 1950s. Now, it's back, true to the original, with a big, inviting, red hang-up button.

4. Philips cordless

£27.99, amazon.co.uk

Glossy and modern but still discreet, this phone picks up signals through walls and floors. It can be linked to up to five handsets, so you'll always be near a phone.

5. Punkt DP Phone

£180, designmuseumshop.com

Designed by Jasper Morrison, this phone was created with chic simplicity. The large buttons and big screen are clear and beautiful. But it's got quite a price tag.

6. GPO 1970s Retro Push-Button Dialling

£49.99, johnlewis.com

By replacing the rotary dial with buttons, this John Lewis exclusive captures the essence of the GPO phones without finger-fumbling.

7. Wild and Wolf Trim Classic

£35, debenhams.com

Another retro reworking, this time with 1960s jaunty angles and even jauntier colour choices – choose from red, turquoise, purple, orange or green.

8. Tesco Value Slimline Gondola

£4.28, tescos.com

It doesn't have a colour display, classically composed ringtones or high design aesthetics. But it does take calls and costs under £5.

9. Moshi Moshi Phone Dock

£120, heals.co.uk

This is a telecoms solution for the smartphone generation. The dock can sync up to two Bluetooth devices and will re-route your calls through its sleek cordless handset.

10. Sagemcom SIXTY Cordless

£80.99, argos.com

You could be fooled into thinking that this was some 1970s design classic. That is, until you look at it from the side, and see the slick paper-clip-like folded body.