The 10 Best personal finance apps


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1. UK Salary Calculator

£0.69, iPhone

This is a great one if you've just got a new job and want to figure out how much money you have after tax, student loan, pension contributions and the like. Simply put in your gross salary and it works out the rest.

2. Toshl Finance

Free, iPhone

Toshl, with its little "savings monsters" and easy-to-use budget planner really comes into its own when you take it abroad: allowing you to track spending in the currency and do conversion calculations.

3. Money Smart

£1.99, iPhone

Understand all your little daily expenses and not-so-little monthly outgoings in a visual way with Money Smart, which provides statistics and graphics to display your cash flow.

4. Savings Goals

Free, iPhone

Saving for a house? A car? Or maybe a fancy summer holiday. Check out Savings Goals, which allows you to enter a target amount and date, and then creates a saving schedule and tracker.

5. PageOnce

Free, Android, iPhone

This app has it all. You can pay all your bills on the go and the automatic organiser and money tracker also provides real-time alerts, while also allowing you to keep tabs on your investment portfolio, if you have one.

6. Money Lover

Free, Android, iPhone

A simple, accessible app that allows you to budget across weeks, months and years. The neat financial calendar lets you set up alerts and keep tabs on all transactions. Plus, it works with all currencies.

7. Expensify

Free, Android, iPhone

Getting your expenses done has never been so easy – this app allows you to take a snap and turn your receipts digital, compile a report and email the PDF to your boss. You can also upload business cards and track purchases.

8. Easy Money

Android, £5.99

This money-manager app gives you a detailed view of your finances, combining an expense manager, bill manager, cheque-book register and colour-coded budget-planner. It's simple to use, intuitive and handy.

9. Bill Assistant

£0.69, iPhone

Avoid late-payment charges on your bills with this app. Add in your details and it alerts you when bills need paying, tells you how much you owe and keeps a record of your past payment history.

10. Account Tracker

£1.99, iPhone

This clever app allows you to monitor multiple bank accounts on one screen. The account icons even change colour according to your relative financial health. The main advantage is the alerts about your money.