The 10 Best sat navs

It's all about location, location, location with these navigation devices and dedicated apps for cars and bikes

1. CoPilot Live Premium UK

If you want to avoid spending a fortune on a sat nav computer, CoPilot is one of the best apps that will do the same job on your smartphone. With voice-guided navigation and downloadable maps for use even without a mobile connection. Which? described it as a "real threat to stand-alone devices".

£19.99, Android, iOS,

2. Garmin Edge 810 Performance

Garmin's flagship offering for cyclists and one of the best bike GPS computers around, the 810 really is a powerful tool. Featuring a touch screen, the 810 can connect with your smartphone for weather updates and ride data that can be viewed by friends and family.


3. Garmin HUD

For those who don't want to be distracted with the need to glance down to check the route, the Garmin HUD (heads up display) is a stylish solution. The computer projects navigation information onto your windscreen, for an "eyes-ahead" experience.

£129.99, (available later this year)

4. TomTom UK & Ireland

More expensive than the CoPilot, but a high-quality offering all the same, the TomTom app is another great option for a smartphone sat nav. The app gives you free access to millions of maps and you can download up to four full updates each year.

£27.49, iOS, £40.99, Android,

5. Waze

Waze takes a community-based approach to compete with the high-spec features of its premium competitors. Users get crowd-sourced updates as they drive, or can help out fellow drivers by giving a "heads up".

Free, Android, iOS

6. Garmin nuvi 3490LMT

High-end with high-end design. Worlds away from the usual toy-like models, the 3490 has more in common with a smartphone, and yes it's got a touch screen. With a better interface than any of its rivals, this is one of the most responsive and roadworthy around.


7. TomTom Go Live 820 Europe

A reasonably priced sat nav that will certainly keep drivers reassured on the road. It's not as slick as the more advanced models but is the perfect device for someone who wants one up from a smartphone app without breaking the bank. The interface may be a bit clunky, but once on the move it shouldn't let you down.


8. Garmin Nuvi 2598 LMT-D

A great mid-range sat nav. It may not have the 3D or HD traffic updates but it comes with a lifetime of European map updates. The battery life, performance and ease of use are all above average.


9. Mio Cycle 505 HC

Super light and simple to use, this is a high-end and high-priced cycle GPS for riders that really want a piece of top kit on their handlebars. The wi-fi enabled, water-resistant device comes with bicycle routes and road maps and could even take you down a road less trodden with its "surprise me" route generator.


10. Navigon Europe

The price tag might seem like a blow out for an app, but Navigon really will transform your smartphone into at sat nav that can compete with the top end models. Featuring 2D and 3D map display, a simple and seamless interface.

£69.99, iOS, Android, Windows,