Fancy playing PlayStation on the bus or on a car journey, or looking for a cheaper smartphone for the kids? Read on for our essential guide.

1. Monte Carlo


This is a real tween's phone. It's easy on the eye, has a host of games including the ubiquitous Angry Birds, a music software programme and a limited email function.

2. Xperia Play


Fancy playing PlayStation on the bus or on a car journey? Well you can, with the Play, which has a built-in PlayStation Suite and dedicated gaming controls.

3. BlackBerry Torch 9810


The latest version of BlackBerry's Torch may look the same, but inside is a new super-fast 1.2GHz processor, which makes it very strong on the multimedia front.

4. Sony Ericsson X8


The X8 is perfect for those who need only basic capabilities, such as note-taking, simple email and internet function, but don't have a fortune to spend.

5. Samsung Galaxy Nexus


The slim and curvy Nexus has one of the highest-grade screens ever seen on a mobile which means that it gives some netbooks a run for their money.

6. Nokia Lumia


This really does give the iPhone a challenge. It's incredibly easy to get to grips with and, as well having as Microsoft office, it has Xbox Live gaming.

7. Motorola Razr


This slim (7.1mm) phone is made of Kevlar, so won't break when/if you drop it. And it has a decent music-streaming program.

8. iPhone 4S


Apple's upgraded phone remains top of the smartphone pops. The most interesting innovation is Siri, the phone's in-built voice-activated PA.

9. HTC Cha Cha


Looking for a cheaper smartphone for the kids? This is largely built around Facebook and it even has its own keypad button.

10. HTC Sensation XL with Beats Audio


When it comes to films and music, this is pretty good. It comes with a host of media programs and you can buy Dr Dre's headphones.