The 10 best Tablet PCs


1. HTC Flyer

One of the few tablets that still requires you to use a stylus pen. But outdated, it certainly isn't. It comes equipped with a 5-megapixel camera and dual speakers and, surprisingly, the pen is a bonus, rather than a burden, allowing users to scribble in the margins, highlight text and draw with ease.


2. Blackberry Playbook

It's all about compactness and easy portability with the 7-inch Playbook. It supports Flash, so you can watch videos and check out websites and it has an unusually high-resolution touchscreen. Be warned, though, it really needs a Blackberry phone to function fully, as it runs off the phone's data stream.


3. Nook Colour

Unsurprisingly, since it's produced by a bookseller (Barnes & Noble), the Nook's main function is as an e-reader (with room for 6,000 e-books). It has limited email and multimedia functions, as well.


4. Sony S

The Sony Tablet S excels at multitasking, allowing you to surf the web, check social networking sites and listen to music while typing on the on-screen keyboard. Plus, with the help of its built-in infra red system, it acts as a controller for your TV, Blu-ray player and HiFi system, too.


5. Asus EEE Pad Transformer

Tablets are, on the whole, great for consuming content, but not so good at creating it. The new Asus aims to buck that trend with a sturdy Qwerty keyboard dock attachment (£80) that turns it into a hybrid tablet-cum-netbook, while increasing the battery life.


6. Samsung Galaxy 10.1

The ultra-slim (0.86cm) Samsung is great for film buffs or gamers. The dual speakers around the screen create surround-sound effects and it comes loaded with a handy social hub which allows you to monitor Facebook, your email account and instant messaging services on one screen.


7. Pierre Cardin

This slim, second-generation tablet from the fashion designer is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet still packs quite a punch with its 1000 GHZ processor and 512MB of ram. And, as befits a tablet made by a fashion house, it is the prettiest currently on sale.


8. Time2Touch

Time2Touch's machine is great if you're after a tablet but don't have a fortune to spend. It has a decentish processor – running perfectly quickly –and a responsive touch screen. It does, however, use a slightly older version of the Android software.


9. Toshiba Thrive

The 10-inch screen and unusually thick girth make the Thrive fairly bulky. But you can forgive it that, as it's so feature-packed, coming with full USB and HDMI ports, a full-sized SD memory card and an intuitive filing system.


10. Apple iPad 2

Still the reigning king of tablets, despite the tide of imitators. It's slim-as-you-like with a multitude of apps pre-installed and even more ready to download from the firm's App Store. It also excels at video calls, too. If you need a 3G version, it will set you back an extra £100

From £399,