Treat the gizmo-lovers in your life with these great gadgets - from fun and funky to game-changing

1. VEHO USB negative scanner


You know those old photograph negatives? Well, resurrect them. Just run the negatives through this scanner and it turns them into a digital file to store on your computer.

2. MonkeyLectric M210 LED bike light


Light up the wheels on your steed of steel with these high-performance LED attachments. They put on quite a show, with a range of themes.

3. Bowers and Wilkins P3


Get your loved one a pair of super-fine headphones to go with their iPod. The foldable P3s have a high-tech drive unit and damping system. It's like your own personal concert.

4. GEAR4 PocketLoops portable music creation studio


Download this, pop your iPhone in the dock and you are halfway to producing your own hit. Make loops using the 13-instrument keyboard.

5. Lexon Tykho radio


This brightly coloured device designed by Marc Berthier is water-resistant, so it can be handled with wet hands, although it's best to avoid chucking it in the tub.

6. Motorola MLC800


Digital photo frames have come a long way. This has a programmable timer and calendar – so it goes on and off when suits – and a profile nearly as sleek as traditional frames.

7. iLP turntable


To digitise vinyl, dock your iPad, iPhone or iPod and let the iLP do the rest. It even automatically separates tracks! Of course, you can still connect it to a laptop by USB.

8. Olloclip 3in1 lens system for iPhone


Increase the potential of your iPhone camera with this clever attachment. It gives you a fish-eye, wide angle and macro lens.

9. MEEP! tablet


It's designed for four-to-nine-year-olds and has all the things a normal tablet has – a built-in camera, wi-fi connection – but gives parents control over their child's web access.

10. Nerf 38056 camcorder


If filming is your thing, pick up one of these, as you get a lot for your money. This pocket-size camcorder uses an SD card, comes with editing software and has a 32GB memory.