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The 10 best travel clocks

  • @SAMuston

1. Casio PQ-10D

£15, watches2u.com

All-singing, all-dancing clocks are fine if you're in a jungle, but unnecessary in Brittany for the weekend. Casio's travel clock is cheap, slim and easy to set.


2. Oregon Global Radio-Controlled Projection

£19.99, oregonscientific.com

Say goodbye to dim mornings in hotels when you can't find the light. Just tap a button and this clock projects the time on the ceiling.


3. Movado Round

£94.07, macys.com

Swiss maker Movado has been making travel clocks since 1881. This one comes with a stainless steel travelling case and has a 1930s-style museum dial face.


4. Roger Lascelles Leather

£40, johnlewis.com

What the Lascelles travel clock lacks in whizz-bang features, it makes up for in style. It has a classical 1930s face and a pretty, practical leather travelling case.


5. Lexon Radio Controlled

£25, madeindesign.co.uk

Lexon's lovely offering features a lateral pivot stand, so you can angle it towards your head, a temperature gauge and calendar, and it comes in a funky aniseed green.


6. Precision Global Radio Controlled

£20.82, aceselectronics.co.uk

The clever, compact Precision Global picks up radio signals from Britain, Germany, Japan and the US and sets itself to local time.


7. Thomas Lyte Grenville Arabic

£169, thomaslyte.com

If you're a frequent visitor to the Middle East, it's worth a look at the Grenville Arabic. It's charming, with two faces – one with Western and one with Arabic numerals.


8. Radio-Controlled Water

£14.95, ticktockclocks.co.uk

Banish battery worries with this curvy, backlit LED alarm, which runs on tapwater. Be warned though, all that clever technology makes it a tad on the chunky side.


9. John Lewis

£15, johnlewis.com

This clock packs quite a punch when it comes to features. Along with a back-lit display and extra-loud alarm, it features a calendar and an in-built temperature gauge.


10. Mondaine

£170, utilitydesign.co.uk

If you like a ticking clock, check out Mondaine's, designed to look like Hans Hilfiker's famous Swiss railway clock. Also, the hands and numbers glow in the dark.