Catching you favourite shows has never been easier. Turn your tablet into a television with these apps...

1. SlingPlayer App

£19.99-£21.99 Android, Windows, iOS

Watch your TV and DVR from anywhere with decent 3G/4G or Wifi connection. However, you'll need a Slingbox (£99) at home.

2. Sky Go

Free, Android, iOS

If you have a Sky subscription this one is a must. Not only does it turn your device into a handheld TV, it also lets you access the Sky on-demand library.

3. 4oD

Free, Android, iOS

There have been some rumblings about the number of ads on the platform but that's small price to pay in exchange for such a wide sweep of content.

4. EyeTV Mobile

Free, iOS

Free, but you need a £99.95 EyeTV device to make it work. The second thing to note is that it allows you to watch, pause, rewind and record eight hours of live TV.

5. Eurosport Player

Free, Android, iOS

For a measly £2.99 a month, users get access to British Eurosport 1 and 2, so that means tennis, cycling, snooker, some football and winter sports.

6. Zeebox

Free, Android, iOS

Not strictly a TV app: more social media which confines itself to what's on the box. Lets you see what your friends are watching, share and tweet your thoughts.

7. Crackle

Free, Android, Windows, iOS

This isn't quite Netflix-standard but, then again, it's free. It's a lovely little runner, having been designed by Sony, and so with only Sony content.

8. BBC iPlayer

Free, Android, iOS

Like a miniaturised facsimile of its website. Lets you watch and listen live, or else catch up with what you've missed in the last seven days.


Free, Android, Windows, iOS

Like having a music channel in your pocket. You get access to 45,000 archived videos and a rolling tide of new stuff too. Has an easy way for sharing.

10. Netflix

Free, Android, Windows, iOS

The biggy. For a £5.99 monthly fee, you get access to a vast array of films and TV. The main attraction is new episodes of your favourite shows.