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Despite already topping the charts in numerous countries, Eminem has only just released his video for “Love The Way You Lie”. Starring Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan as a troubled couple in an abusive relationship, it’s a suitably over-the-top affair.

Watch it here:


Russian photographer Sergey Larenkov has created something quite extraordinary with his latest project. Carefully Photoshopping old Second World War photos over more recent shots, he allows you to experience Berlin, Prague and Vienna in a way you never imagined. Very powerful.


Designer and photographer Hugh Turvey has been using X-rays to capture subjects in greater depth since 1996, when he was asked to photograph a human skull for a musician friend’s album cover. Most recently, he used the technique to reveal the hidden beauty of flowers. His striking images, of roses, lilies and others turn scientific practice into high art.


Though water has been found on the lunar surface, researchers are divided over the volume of water inside the moon. Nowa new study by University of New Mexico claims it is in fact extremely dry, with up to 100,000 times less water than Earth. Read all about it on New Scientist’s website.


If you’re trying to maintain a clean conscience ahead of your beach holiday, you may want to plump for something healthier that a 99 icecream cone. Environmental website Squid Gone Green has some great suggestions for healthy summer treats, from fruit kebabs to Yogurt Sandwiches. Tuck in.


The iPad app for US ‘Wired’ is considered to be the first bona fide success in the transition from traditional publishing to the digital realm. It emerged just as Conde Nast, the magazine’s publisher, hit hard times. Read a profile of the brains behind it, the company’s creative director, Scott Dadich.


Sometimes, less is more, especially when it comes to easy-to-navigate technology. Web design group MIX Online has launched a competition to see if developers can rustle up an iPhone or iPad app that is smaller than 10K in size. The prize? A crack at the pot of $10,000 of prize money.