The Digital Digest: 12/04/2011

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Vintage 'Photoshop'

Buzzfeed has created a gallery of before-and-after images of vintage pin-ups – proving that women have been retouched in photographs, paintings and advertisements long before Photoshop was a pixel in Mrs Adobe's eye. Back in the day, artists would "fix" imperfections on their models with an actual paintbrush.


iPhone naysaying

The iPhone 5 will be released in America in the next few months, but it seems Apple's glow might be fading – indeed, lots of people have been grumbling about the prospect of upgrading to the new phone. Frank Pendergrast is pretty sure it is, and has created this cute cartoon which mocks the iPhone naysayers.


San Francisco to Paris in two minutes

Nate Bolt must have had some very patient neighbours on his flight from Los Angeles to Paris. The amateur cameraman used a stop-frame camera to create a video of his flight across the Atlantic. The two-minute video – compressed down from 11 hours of footage – even manages to capture the Northern Lights in all their glory.


Technology addiction

"I was itching, like a crackhead" – that's how one American college student described being separated from his phone and computer during a study into young people's addiction to technology. According to this piece at Good, the severity of the "addiction" is startling.


The Bloomsbury set

This summer will see the first Bloomsbury Art Fair: a three-day charitable art event exhibiting the work of people who have experienced life-changing injuries alongside works by major artists. The event isn't until July, but you can keep up to date with the organisers' blog at


Foreign tastes

Who doesn't love to try new food when they travel? This charming blog is dedicated to the excitement of foreign cuisine. Whether it's haute cuisine in Bali, tea in Japan or coffee and cornetto in Italy, Food Travel Blog offers a buffet of tips for gastro-tourists.


Lars's 'Melancholia'

The trailer for Danish director Lars von Trier's new film Melancholia suggests an intriguing sci-fi drama about another planet that's about to collide with Earth. It focuses on the relationships between a group of people at a wedding, including Kirsten Dunst, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Kiefer Sutherland.