The Digital Digest: 14/03/2011

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Flat-pack food

Ikea made waves last year with its cookbook Homemade is Best, which took a "flat-pack" approach to recipes. Now the Swedish retailer has gone one better. The photographer behind the original book has teamed up with two film-makers to produce a nine-part video series which demonstrates everything from making espresso to cracking an egg.


A feline farewell

Obituaries document the glories and achievements of the great, the powerful and, sometimes, the really quite dubious. This very special obituary, however, was written to eulogise a recently departed cat. Titter ye not though, the story of his life may just get you sobbing into your Cornflakes.


Play-Doh mobile

Most of us have, at some point, done a bit of sculpting with Play-Doh. Some of us make little cities out of the gunk, some craft models of animals, and some, it seems, create 1.5 ton full-size model cars. Taking two weeks to make, and using the equivalent of 10,000 pots of putty, the car was made to mark the launch of a new Chevrolet 4x4, and is seriously impressive.


Accidental art

The aftermath of a road accident – ripped steel, skid marks and boken glass – is never usually anything but dreadful. However, this crash (in which no one was hurt) is rather beautiful. A truck carrying 8,000 gallons of printer ink had an unfortunate meeting with a low bridge, to artistic effect.


Your song

The return of Brooklyn indie-rockers TV on the Radio is cause for celebration. They are currently offering a free download of a track called "Caffeinated Consciousness", taken from their new album Nine Types of Light. It has an amped up, thudding tone to it, switching between sections that clang and soothe.


Sneak preview

Following on from the 30-second teaser that was shown during the Superbowl, here is the first full-length trailer of the movie Super 8. With Lost's JJ Abrams directing, Steven Spielberg producing and a plot that involves an alien invasion cover-up, whole websites have already been set up to discuss the trailer.


Can you guess what it is yet?

Gizmodo asked its readers to send in photos they'd taken of familiar, everyday objects that rendered their subject a complete mystery. Here are 91 of them, everything from a fork to a pan scrubber to chewing gum, but can you work out what's what?