Keep in touch with friends and family with one of these wonderful phones

BT Diverse 6110 - £34.99

Want to text from your landline? Fancy having a SIM reader to copy all your numbers from mobile to landline? Tempted by 10 ringtones and caller display? Then check out BT’s Diverse, an all-rounder that is inexpensive and easy to use.

Scandi Phone - £39.99

Based on a Fifties bestseller that has pride of place in the New York Museum ofModern Art’s collection of 20th century design, this one-piece phone is a modern classic. The original was fitted with a dial, but thankfully this homage has push-buttons instead.; 02392 469 400

Siemens Gigaset SL370 - £84.99

No bigger than the average mobile, this one is packed with neat features. It can synchronise with Outlook to upload your contacts and if you have images of your pals, it will display their picture when they call. With room for 250 contacts, including address and three phone numbers for each one, it’s small but mighty.

Princess - £39.95

Make like you’re in a Fifties romcom with this pretty in pink phone. While its looks are retro, its functions have been tweaked so that it boasts push buttons and auto redial. Alas, it comes without a guarantee that Mr Right will call you tonight.; 0845 217 6382

BT Elements - £59.99

Designed to withstand rough handling, BT’s Elements is a sturdy beast with a tough rubberised casing. Drop it, knock it, sit on it – it should bounce back no problem. It also doubles as a torch and can even be clipped to your belt.

Jacob Jensen - £199

While cordless digital home phones are popular because they allow you to walk and talk, they aren’t always the most attractive of gadgets. With this sleek Jacob Jensen number you can’t wander at will but you can stay put and admire this modernist marvel.; 0845 652 0525

Philips VOIP841 £129.99

With its streamlined good looks and excellent battery life, the Philips VOIP841 is an excellent buy for the styleconscious communicator. It’s a winner for the cost-conscious one too, as this phone supports VoIP calls, a good way to keep your bills low.

Burger - £14.99

It has no fancy functions and it certainly isn’t cordless but for a slice of Americana, you can’t beat the burger phone. Currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity thanks to its appearance in indie flick Juno, this is one piece of fast food that won’t ruin your waistline.

Big Button Digital Cordless - £24.99

Combining easy-to-read numbers with a cordless handset, this phone is ideal for those who have a hard time reading, or dialling tiny buttons. It can be programmed with 10 caller display numbers and has a phone book too.; 0870 429 6000

Motorola LIVN D811 - £50

Aswell as offering the holy trinity of text messaging, SIM card-reading and storage for 250 numbers,Motorola’s latest foray into the world of landlines also offers a built-in answering machine. Up to four handsets can be used with one base station – handy if you live in a castle.

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