'Fighting Fantasy' books coming back to console

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A new trailer for Fighting Fantasy: Talisman of Death proclaims the arrival of the first Fighting Fantasy game on PlayStation 3 and PSP come August 16.

Talisman of Death was not the first in the series of Fighting Fantasy adventure books, in which readers' intuition and rolls of the dice decided which page was read next, but it was one of the most controversial.

"During the mid-80s, Fighting Fantasy was in its prime. At one point we had the top 3 positions in the Sunday Times best-seller chart," co-creator Steve Jackson told game studio Laughing Jackal. "Inevitably there were going to be critics."

"When [protest] groups quoted passages from the books as evidence of their evil nature, they often cited a particularly gory reference from Talisman of Death," he continued. "Of course we were very grateful for the controversy, which helped Puffin sell lots more books!"

Talisman was numbered eleventh in the core series, but was the first entrusted to authors other than Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone themselves.

The pair were part of the Games Workshop chain's founding trio, and both became involved in video game development.

After a stint at Lionhead Studios ( Black & White, The Movies), Jackson now teaches game design at Brunel University. Livingstone, for his part, is now President at Eidos ( Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, Championship Manager).