First accessory for hands-free Kinect: the 'Game Boat' dinghy

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The hands-free, consumer friendly Xbox 360 Kinect controller is to receive its first accessory, according to manufacturers Atomic Accessories, in the form of a fully operational inflatable dinghy.

Designed to complement whitewater rafting contained within Kinect's November 4 launch title Kinect Adventures, the Game Boat can accommodate up to two players in seated or standing positions, whether in the living room, at sea, or in the pool.

With product news breaking on specialist gaming websites such as Joystiq, Kotaku and CVG, experienced gamers reacted with incredulity, coming to terms with the otherwise standalone Kinect's hands-free system receiving its first after-market enhancement.

Kinect Adventures features 20 distinct mini-games, and the whitewater rapids of the River Rush section have become its most widely demonstrated feature. One or two players race downstream, leaning left or right to steer the in-game boat, and timing their jumps in order to reach bonus items.

Though the 150cm x 150cm blow-up bateau is labelled as 'Kinect compatible,' there are now concerns that its fully inflated prow could interfere with the Kinect camera's tracking of lower leg movements.

Still, let's not presume that it couldn't be put to good use by owners of other titles with watersport or seafaring connections: Sega Bass Fishing, Diddy Kong Racing, The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, Sid Meier's Pirates!, or perhaps even Larry Bond's Harpoon 3: Advanced Naval Warfare.

Those that remain determined to gain a competitive advantage in Kinect Adventures would be better served by an indoor trampoline, or a clinical psychiatrist.