Electronic Arts, one of the biggest video games companies in the world, have announced record European sales of its latest football game FIFA 10. The game was subject to fierce price wars across the retail sector which no doubt aided its sprint to the top spot.

The FIFA games are updated every year with new player rosters and incremental improvements in gameplay. With the worldwide rise in popularity of both football and video gaming, Electronic Arts are boasting that 1.7 million copies of their game were sold throughout Europe in just seven days, making it the fastest selling sports game and EA's most successful launch to date.

The series has gained an increasingly devoted following throughout the decade, and has now been earmarked by both online and high street shops as one of the retail events of the year in video gaming, with guaranteed sales to long-time fans and newcomers alike. Some UK supermarkets and websites have even been offering FIFA 10 for half the recommended retail price - controversial with specialised high street video game stores, but great for shoppers looking to pick up a bargain.