Free 'Gunshine' game first online offering from Supercell

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Gunshine, a free online multiplayer action game, is the first project from new Swedish outfit Supercell, a company comprising former staff from mobile mogul Digital Chocolate ( Tower Bloxx, Millionaire City) and console game developer Remedy Entertainment ( Alan Wake, Max Payne).

Gunshine's downtrodden Dawnbreak City is ready to be liberated by groups of up to four friends taking on the metropolis's crime network. Players can choose between using the Doctor's healing powers, the Hunter's damage dealing focus, or the Bodyguard's muscle.

There's more than a hint of early 1990s classics Syndicate and X-Com about Gunshine's presentation - the isometric view, upgradable character stats, dystopian near-future - and X-Com at least is in the process of being remade for modern machines.

Though Gunshine is in invite-only beta for the time being, potential players can up their chances of inclusion by liking the game's Facebook page and staying tuned to its Twitter feed.

Watch the trailer at The official Gunshine website is, with a Facebook page at and a Twitter feed at