Fotonica, a pared-down game of running, jumping, and pink pellet hunting, has turned itself into a free download, as the developers themselves upload it to torrent sites.

The Santa Ragione studio is using a pay-what-you-want scheme, encouraging donations of $1.75/€1.50 or more in order to hurdle transaction fees and fund a potential iPhone version.

It blends the non-stop running of iPhone success Canabalt or parkour-crazy Mirror's Edge with the pellet-hunting mania of Pac-Man, using wire-frame graphics and chilled electronica sounds that recall cult hit Rez.

Players need only press one button to run, release to jump, and press again for a swift landing. There's also an instant restart key for those inevitable mistimed leaps. Run fast enough and the trance-like Gold Mode is activated.

Fotonica isn't the first to use an increasingly attractive pay-what-you-want model. June saw a similar release for marble racer Proun, while there have been three charity-focused Humble Indie Bundles.

Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails are known for using similar approaches within the music industry.

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