The special edition PlayStation will come in a new box / Sony

Game is selling a small number of the consoles every day this week

The 20th anniversary model of the PlayStation 4 will be sold online through this week, to gamers that complete a complicated challenge set by the company and Game.

Sony revealed the 20th anniversary model, which comes in the colours of the original PlayStation, earlier in December as part of its celebrations marking the PlayStation’s birthday. It has been selling the consoles through a number of odd formats — including a pop-up shop in Bethnal Green in London, and a lottery in Japan.

The consoles will be sold for £399.99 on a first come first served basis through Game, and will only be sent to UK addresses.

The 20th anniversary edition of the PlayStation, in its special box


To be in with a chance of buying the console, fans must follow either @PlayStationUK or @GAMEDigital on Twitter. At a certain time each day (see below) the two Twitter accounts will tweet a clue about a PlayStation character.

You should then head to PlayStation’s ’20 Years of Characters’ page, which features over 300 characters from PlayStation history. You’ll be taken through to a secret website, run by retailer Game, where you can fill out a form and the first 100 people to do so will be sent instructions to buy the console.

Filling in the form is the only way to find if you are one of those first 100, though doing so also enters you into a draw to win one of the consoles.

The consoles will be re-stocked and a new clue will be tweeted five times through the week. The contest will open on Monday at 4pm, Tuesday at 5pm, Wednesday at 2pm, Thursday at 8am and Friday at 12pm.

Fuller instructions and terms and conditions are on Sony’s site announcing the plan.