A new dimension to hand-held gaming

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3D movies are enjoying something of a purple patch at the moment, thanks to the massive commercial success of ‘Avatar’ and ‘Alice in Wonderland’ still topping box offices across the world.

It’s not much of a surprise, then, that games companies have beenplanning their own strategies to grab a piece of the multi-dimensional action, and this week Nintendo announced new 3Dtechnology in the form of the Nintendo 3DS, a successor to the company’s handheld console.

It hasn’t revealed many specifics, but we do know one intriguing detail – it won’t require the player to wear special glasses. What exactly the technology is that will enable this is justone of the many questions we have; another being whether people wowed by 3D on large cinema screens will be similarly impressed by the same effect on a handheld device. Whatever the answer, it looks like we will have to wait until more details – including, hopefully, a release date – are released at E3 in June.