All hail the new queen of the small screen...

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She looks like Sarah Palin’s leather-clad twin and can fire four guns at once. She uses her hair as an offensive weapon and wields a cobra-headed whip. She’s inspired lookalike competitions (although there’s no news on whether La Palin entered) and taken Japan by storm. Oh, and she can turn into a pather too.

Say hello to Bayonetta, a six-footplus witch who is the star of her own action title from Sega. Set to hit our shores in January, Bayonetta (the game) is billed as a blistering mix of combat and sorcery that is inspired by Devil May Cry. Created for the Xbox 360 and PS3, the game features five difficulty modes including “very easy automatic”, which allows players to fight by pressing a single button. With a kick-ass star and one-button attacks, ‘Bayonetta’ looks likely to cause quite a stir when she touches down.