App appetites are on the up and up

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Is the iPhone set to become the most popular games console around?

7.4 million of the devices were sold worldwide in the last three months alone (helping to boost Apple’s profits to £1bn – up 46 per cent on last year). Meanwhile, stats put together by Moneysupermarket. com show that 43 per cent of mobile-phone owners would upgrade to a smartphone simply to get their hands on apps. And a whopping million mobile users say access to apps is the most important consideration when getting a phone. Given these figures, it’s no surprise to hear that the mobile gaming market is predicted to grow to $11.7bn by 2014, primarily thanks to the iPhone and iPod Touch, according to research from DFC Intelligence. With the number of active games currently available at the app store nudging 18,000, gaming on the go is already a force to be reckoned with.