Advanced free-running, fluid animations and grizzly bear encounters all revealed.

As they promised, Ubisoft have launched gameplay footage from Assassin's Creed 3 having had the target of a recent social media campaign completed by the game’s legions of fans.

We already knew that the game was based within the time of the American Revolutionary War, but up until now it has been unknown just how far evolved this third entry into the franchise was from its predecessors in gameplay terms.

While a full breakdown of the trailer is forthcoming, a first look suggest a number of improvements over previous instalments. Animations seem filled with that little bit more panache, our white-clad hero that more ruthless, his world even more custom built for free-running (witness the leaping through a window, into a room, and out the other side and you’ll see what we mean), while his enemies seem as much at war with each other as they are the assassin amongst their midsts.

Stand-out scenes include the use of a hapless soldier as a human shield and a close call with a grizzly, but until we compile our own thoughts we’ll leave you to give us your own reaction.