Evade guards by simply dropping off the map

The Assassin's Creed franchise has long been dogged by glitches, and Unity looks to be no different on Xbox One and PS4, with hero Arno managing to run in mid-air, climb invisible objects, slip through the map into a parallel universe and much, much more.

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Ubisoft has taken on the complex task of creating a huge, varied world with thick crowds, but it's still no excuse given how Rockstar pulled this off fairly glitch-free with GTA V.

The developer has been accused of laziness before, with a man claiming to have worked on Assassin's Creed 3 saying that everyone involved behind-the-scenes "knew that the Desmond missions were a disgrace."

So what new glitches (or delightful added gameplay features, as some see them) are there?

Running on air

Pulling off truly spectacular dives

Climbing invisible buildings

Falling into some weird purgatory

Falling through the map completely

But at least the textures aren't prone to mis-loading and turning characters into pure nightmare fuel right?

(H/T Kotaku)