Best PlayStation 4 games of 2014

From The Last of Us Remastered to LittleBigPlanet 3

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In recent days, the PlayStation 4 has been overshadowed by Sony's original console as the gaming world celebrated the 20 anniversary of a machine that smashed the long-held dominance of Sega and Nintendo. The praise has been well-deserved given the PlayStation One did so much to revolutionise gaming, making it a cool pastime that travelled down from the bedroom into the living room and the hearts of a host of new players.

Without it we would not, rather obviously, have gone on to enjoy the PS2 (the most popular console of all time with 155 million sales) nor the PS3 (a machine which fared less well, drawing with the Xbox 360 in the console wars and being resoundingly beaten by the Wii). But it's the PS4 which intrigues us the most today. So far a staggering 13 million PS4s have been sold, 185,000 in the UK alone which makes it the country's fastest-selling console in history. It's just a shame that developers have yet to really hit their stride with it.

A fair few of the games in our top 10 are remakes or ports from other platforms which either shows caution with developers falling back on tried-and-tested games that require less investment than new titles, opportunism as they cash-in on the thirst for next-gen graphics, or pure laziness. Yet the PS4 has allowed these games to shine like never before and the new games are taking advantage of the console's power. We expect big things in 2015.