The dystopian sci-fi shooter was originally released in 2007 to critical acclaim

Highly acclaimed first person shooter BioShock is being released for iPhones and iPads this summer.

The art deco and Ayn Rand-inspired dystopian title will be ported over with only a “few differences” to the 2007 title, offering full support for Bluetooth controllers as well.

According to a report from gaming site Polygon the game is “almost a seamless replay” of the original, although graphically things have been scaled down - extra touches such as fog and dynamic shadows have been removed - to fit Apple’s 2GB size limit.

The port is being engineered by 2K China, who previously bought the console title XCOM: Enemy Unknown to iOS in June last year. The port was well received, although many thought that the price - £13.99 - was ungenerous (no word yet on how much BioShock Mobile will cost).

Although Polygon (the only site to get their hands on the port thus far) has said that the port “feels very much like the original,” others have been not quite so generous with PC Gamer journalist Andy Kelly offered the following reaction: