It looks like it could with stand a good amount of Deku seeds

In the Ocarina of Time, Link was able to buy the Hylian Shield for a mere 80 Rupees in Kakariko Village, but in real life obtaining the legendary shield requires a lot more work.

YouTube Master crafters Mat at Arms were inundated with requests for them to make the shield, which served Link well until he got that sweet reflective one, so finally decided to set to work on it, using plasma cutters to make the decorative overlays and jewellery machines to buff its adornments which were made from amber.

The finished shield is certainly the best replica we've seen, looking sturdy yet beautiful, and more than capable of reflecting a barrage of Deku seeds.

A Master Sword was forged too – there was no word on how many pots and clumps of grass were slashed in the process.

Last year, a man in Texas was stabbed with a Master Sword replica, leaving him in a serious condition.