Bloodborne is unquestionably the best game of the generation thus far

A magisterial display of visual and architectural construction



PlayStation 4 (£54.99)

If the Souls games were a journey into Hell, then Bloodborne is the equivalent of being in purgatory, a state of limbo for the forgotten and the diseased. In terms of pure design, it is a magisterial display of visual and architectural construction. The new combat system makes it fresh and unique despite being so similar in basic appearance to Miyazaki's other works. If there is one negative, it is a banal one: painfully long loading times. Yet, this is a minor issue in an otherwise masterful experience. Unquestionably the best game of the generation thus far.

Oliver Cragg

Xenoblade: Chronicles


New Nintendo 3DS (£34.85)

Though it was originally released for the Wii in 2010, this feels like it's been made for the New Nintendo 3DS. They are well paired, and surprisingly so for a handheld console and a game with fairly complex mechanics. Otherwise, it's a relatively safe JRPG story. As Shulk you control the "Monado", a magical sword. There's a lot of backstory, and it's a game that owes a lot to its medium, but once you get into the gameplay itself, it really comes into its own.

James Tennent

Mario vs. Donkey Kong Tipping Stars


Wii, 3DS (£17.99)

It's easy to forget it was originally Donkey Kong rather than Bowser who kept the plumber from his princess, and Nintendo aim a nostalgic nod to this scenario with Tipping Stars, the sixth title in the Mario vs. Donkey Kong series. Starring clockwork toy versions of our well-known heroes, players must navigate a path through each level, avoiding hazards and collecting coins along the way, re-arranging girders and plotting exit strategies carefully. The best feature is the ability to create your own layouts and post them to the Miiverse.

Sam Gill