Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons; Zombi; Lost Dimension, gaming reviews

Two brothers start their journey to find the tree of life and save their dying fathers

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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons


PS4, Xbox One (£14.86)

This moving, fairytale hit is coming to PS4 and Xbox One, as the two brothers start their journey to find the tree of life and save their dying fathers. Told through actions and an indecipherable made-up language, the game has a surprisingly affecting story and compelling puzzle structure - though the fact that you control each brother with a separate analogue stick can often get disconcerting. There's little difference from the original past some upped visuals, which are fairly blocky. But it's the story of deep family ties that keeps the game going.

James Tennent



PS4, Xbox One, PC (£15)

A port of the 2012 Wii U exclusive, Zombi is a first person survival horror game that pitches you against a London overrun with zombified Beefeaters and bobbies. Graphically, little has been done to polish the game for more powerful platforms. However, it retains the neat twists. Die, and your character is gone for good, replaced with another playable survivor. Track down your previous incarnation, now a shuffling corpse, and take them on to get your supplies back. A tense, enjoyable entry in the zombie genre.

Jack Turner

Lost Dimension


PS3, PS Vita (£30)

An evil mastermind threatens to destroy the world, and only an elite group of fresh-faced teens can defeat him. No points for originality, but this tactical RPG does just enough to stand out from the crowd. Infiltrating your group are several traitors, who must be weeded out. It adds an element of puzzle solving that breaks up the battles in what is otherwise a fairly by the numbers Japanese RPG. It never reaches the genre-defining heights of contemporaries like the Persona series, but for anyone who has exhausted the other titles, it's worth a look.

Jack Turner