Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 slammed for publicity stunt that saw it live tweet huge fake terrorist attack

Tweets were described as ‘unbelievably poor taste’, though some applauded them

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The team behind game Call of Duty have drawn criticism after apparently live tweeting a fake terrorist attack on Singapore.

The game’s official Twitter account — which is verified and has almost 3 million followers — began a long chain of tweets by announcing that it had heard reports of an explosion in Singapore.

From there, the tweets continued to describe a rapidly worsening situation, including more explosions and the declaration of martial law.

It wasn’t until much later — after a flurry of tweets — that the account confirmed that the story had been fictional.

While the story was similar to the plot of other Call of Duty games, and the account identifiably associated with the game, many complained that the story was too close to real life events to be comfortable.