Sony kicked off the event by announcing 10 million PS4 consoles have been sold to date

With Xbox's big Tomb Raider reveal already on the table, it was Sony's turn to hit back at Gamescom with their own barrage of exclusive gaming releases.

First came brand-new footage of From Software's hotly awaited Bloodborne, a dark, brooding RPG that boasts a feast of glorious visuals and next-generation gameplay. From the makers of Demon's Souls, this PS4 exclusive was confirmed for an early 2015 release date.

We then got a look at The Order: 1886, a cute new trailer for Little Big Planet 3 and an exposé of exclusive downloadable content in Infamous: Second Son, as Sony hyped-up front and centre their gaming exclusives for the next six months.

And whilst the eagerly anticipated Destiny may be cross-platform, Sony was still keen to talk up the special features available to PS4 players. Arriving on September 9th, PlayStation will have early access to the Exodus Blue map and two expansions.

Indie developers also played a big part in the Sony briefing. The Tomorrow Children, Rime and Hellblade, the latest release from Ninja Theory, were all brightly trailed, a counter jab at Microsoft's ID@Xbox programme. PC hit and zombie survival horror game DayZ is also coming first to the PS4.

The biggest indie announcement of all came courtesy of Michel Ancel, the lead developer of Rayman and Beyond Good & Evil. He showed off Wild, a dreamy, prehistoric epic where man and beast cooperate to survive in the wilderness.

Game titles aside, Sony talked up their new 'Share Play' feature, coming in the next system update, which allows gamers to play together online even if one of them doesn't own a copy of the game.  Sony announced Far Cry 4 would contain a special variant of this feature, termed 'Keys to Kyrat', which allows an owner of the game to give 10 other players access to the title for up to 2 hours.

Reaction to the briefing online was broadly positive. In the words of VG 24/7's Patrick Garratt, this showing from Sony didn't have a 'nuke' to respond to Xbox, but was rather a "carpet-bomb", "an endless explosion of games and announcements, all of which would separately make top headlines on a normal day".

Even Xbox boss Phil Spencer congratulated Sony on their showing, saying on Twitter they had unveiled "a really nice collection of games".

But's Sammy Barker was more critical, saying that although Sony had served up a "smorgasbord of creative first-party and independent outings", the briefing was lacking that "one show stopper to tie a big bow around all of the original ideas".