Dead Island 2: First gameplay trailer 'Sunshine and Slaughter' ahead of Gamescom 2014

Leaves gamers in no doubt about what to expect: gore

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Deep Silver and Yager have released the first gameplay trailer for Dead Island 2 ahead of Gamescon 2014.

WARNING: Graphic Content

Titled 'Sunshine and Slaughter', the trailer leaves viewers no doubt about what the tone of the next instalment of the wildly popular game will include.

Lots and lots (and lots) of blood.

The trailer shows a multitude of ingenious, interesting and brutal ways to kill hordes of zombies in sunny California.

Along with guns, knives, axes, sharp sticks and even a mace, gamers will be able to use pretty much anything to kill - the trailer even features the propellers from a small boat engine.


Sunshine and Slaughter doesn't give too much away about what the gameplay will actually be like, but there will be blood.

Dead Island 2 will be available to play for the first time at Gamescom and is expected to be released in Spring 2015.